WE HAVE SEVEN CHALETS suitable for one or two cats sharing from the same household and one family chalet suitable for up to a family of four or, perhaps, a mother with kittens.

Each chalet is fully lined and insulated and is fitted with a thermostatically controlled heater. For added comfort a cosy heated igloo bed is provided, a great favourite for helping your pet to relax more quickly in strange surroundings. Electric light in each chalet helps to make dark winter nights feel more like being at home and a window with a large fitted windowsill enables your pet to sit and enjoy the view of the surrounding countryside with plenty of wildlife for entertainment.

These chalets have their own individual six foot outdoor run into which your pet will have free access, 24 hours a day. A scratch post and raised sunshelf have also been installed in each chalet to enable your pet to sit and sun itself in good weather.

Nearing completion are our three outdoor pens, also fully lined, insulated and fitted with heaters, these seem to be more popular with the outdoor cat.

Castle Gardens Cattery birdseye view